Stuffed Marrow

Preparation Time:  30 Minutes                              Cooking Time: 20 Minutes                                  Serves:  2 Ingredients 1 Small Marrow Sea Salt & Black Pepper Olive Oil The Sauce: 1tsp Coconut Oil 1 Celery Stick 2 … Continue reading

Chorizo & Ginger Stir-fry

Preparation Time:  20 Minutes                              Cooking Time: 15 Minutes                                   Serves:  3   Ingredients 3 Rashers Smoky Bacon 1/2 Ring of Chorizo 1 Red Onion 3 Celery Sticks 2 Carrots 1 Broccoli … Continue reading

Grilled Smoked Mackerel Salad with Thai Dressing

Preparation Time:  15 Minutes                              Cooking Time: 2 Minutes                                      Serves:  2 Ingredients 2 Smoked Mackerel Fillets Baby Leaf Spinach 1 Carrot (shredded) 1/2 Red Pepper 1/2 Red … Continue reading

Rosemary Roasted Chicken Breast with Root Veg

Preparation Time:  15 Minutes                              Cooking Time: 35 Minutes                                    Serves:  2 Ingredients 2 Chicken Breasts 2 Beetroot Butternut Squash Swede Parsnip Red Onion 3 Cloves Garlic Fresh … Continue reading

Welcome To My Healthy Eating Blog

  This is a healthy eating blog, where I aim to share my passion for cooking with nutrient rich foods, and help ignite the passion inside of you.   My Concept Many struggle to think of good, tasty, filling and healthy options that don’t involve heavy carbs to bulk the meal out.  Fuel The Body … Continue reading