Smoked Salmon Salad

A nice light & nutritious lunch. I just love the way salmon & egg compliment each other, and for me, the runnier the egg yolk the better, and that’s all about perfect timing. – Preparation Time:  20 Minutes                            Cooking Time: 5-8 Minutes       … Continue reading

Pickled Cucumber & Carrot Salad on Shredded Beetroot

I found this side salad the perfect accompaniment to some smoked mackerel, and a nice light starter if you’re doing a dinner party. – Preparation Time:  20 Minutes                                                       … Continue reading

Warm Chargrilled Chicken & Med Veg Salad

A hearty salad, full of goodness and great flavours. The only pre-requisite is the chargrill pan as this will fry the ingredients without them sweating in their juices own juices. – Preparation Time:  15 Minutes                              Cooking Time: 35 Minutes           … Continue reading

Warm Red Quinoa Salad

Preparation Time:  10 Minutes                              Cooking Time: 20 Minutes                               Serves:  3-4 – Ingredients 150g Organic Red Quinoa 1 Veg Stock Cube 2 Carrots 1 Red Onion 1 Celery Sticks 2 … Continue reading

Grilled Smoked Mackerel Salad with Thai Dressing

Preparation Time:  15 Minutes                              Cooking Time: 2 Minutes                                      Serves:  2 Ingredients 2 Smoked Mackerel Fillets Baby Leaf Spinach 1 Carrot (shredded) 1/2 Red Pepper 1/2 Red … Continue reading